Entry #13 - getting back in, New SSM Costumes incoming!

Hi all, its been a minute, took a little bit of a break after releasing Super Salmon, Thank you so much all who have bought, if you haven't got it get it now on the google play store and the apple app store! But now there's a couple of projects out the the way including "Project 2" is back in production. Hopefully some names will be out in a couple months for some of those. Other than that Perth Games Festival is back on where I will be showing of Super Salmon Migration so hopefully I will be seeing some of you there! A patch for Super Salmon will hopefully be released by then which includes some fresh new Costumes!

And We're LIVE!!!!

Thats right! Super Salmon Migration is now available on iOS and Android!!! This took a litle bit to make, but supe glad its finished and so proud of the team for pulling this together! well looks like its on the next project...YEEEOW!!!

Entry #11 - still going

Well, so much for weekly update. So yeah it's been a couple months since anyone has heard from the studio. We are still alive and working on stuff!

Super Salmon Migration is "Nearly done" every week seems like the last week we have on it, but yeah just hang tight we will have it up super soon for you guys to play. In the mean time the free version is up on google play and am always open to feedback:) well I'll be back into it and get this game finished...which will hopefully be soon!

Entry #10 - Free SSM!

Well I'm back in Perth and more or less recovered from GGJ2016, what was fun. But yeah RTXAU was awesome and met so many people that seemed to enjoy Super Salmon so thanks all who came down and played it :) myself and the team had a blast in Sydney and hopefully will be revisiting soon! Also we got a FREE demo of Super Salmon Migration up on here for those with android! So have a play and tell us what you think! Well now its time to get back into production, going to beef up the demo a bit by adding some more costumes this week, and once that's done I'm starting on building some new levels! so the games coming together pretty well, can't wait to show everyone the final product.

Entry #9 - New Year, Late Posts

So happy new year everyone! This super late post is the first post of the year so kicking the year off at bear-tooth is all about SSM and RTXAU. I'll be flying out on Thursday to Sydney and couldn't be more excited to show some games off at RTX. SSM is getting together and hopefully a playable demo will be up in time for rtx. We also got some guest artists on board to throw in some more fish costumes, so big thanks to our good friends Tracey Theseira and Ash Townsend, so make sure you check out their work :). 

 Courtesy of Ash Townsend

Courtesy of Ash Townsend

 Courtesy of Tracey Theseira

Courtesy of Tracey Theseira

 Courtesy of Tracey Theseira

Courtesy of Tracey Theseira

Entry #8 - And we're Back!

Well it's been a while so apologies for that, basically had to take some time to decompress after Perth Games Festival. Speaking of which I had a absolute blast there , it was really cool seeing people having a blast with Arbalest. Also Super Salmon got received very well and most who played it where on board with it:) so I couldn't be happier with how the day turned out, but man it was full on,  so thanks everyone who came and hangout!

So next up we got SSM release and RTX, so I'm gunna be buckling down and arting it up to get all that happening, so hopefully we'll get some more work up soon!

Entry #7 - Business party

So things at bear-tooth have been pretty busy, mostly meetings and alot of work going on at the business end of the studio. Super Salmon has been getting power-ups and other peices put in in preparation for PGF. Also This weekend our good friends at RWgames are launching their Kickstarter campaign for Bellus Mortem so will be hanging around their showing of Arbs and SSM.

Entry #6 - be a fish at PGF!

Hey all so the past week I've jumped back into SSM setting it up cause hey its getting shown at Perth Games Festival! so got some costumes into the game and getting that all setup, most of the week has been spent animating those. Also working on the environments and getting that working into the game more efficiently.  Other than that just been doing little things to set up for PGF so hope to see you there! :)

Entry #5 - got some plans

Another week down, thanks everyone who came down to RAHCON and hung out, had a great time:) but yeah after showing off Arbalest I started throwing around some ideas to build onto Arbalest so I will be exploring them further after Super Salmon has the bulk of production done. Speaking of which Im starting to lock down on production of SSM in preparation for Perth Games Festival, which is super soon so hopefully a decent build will be up by then. So yeah working on animations, got a jump animation down and now transferring costumes into sprite sheets to get them moving nicely :). From now until PGF I'll probably be working on SSM full time so after a month I'll revisit Project2 and get a build together for a kickstarter, big plans are being formed for that so stay tuned 

Entry #4 - making a world

Another week down and once again a lot of work outside of development. Been preparing for this weekend which is RAHCON so hopefully will see some faces and hang out and play some Arbalest :).  Been doing some more optimization for the art assets in Super Salmon Migration. "Project 2" is getting quite a few assets for the prototype, got some trees and rocks to fill in the world so I can start building that up and get a theme and a further grasp on the art direction on that. So hopefully this week I can get some sweet skyboxes made up for Project 2 and get back into animating our fish for Super Salmon.

 Project 2 Assets

Project 2 Assets


Entry #3 - coming along swimmingly

Well shit that's another week down. Bit more development on SSM got some optimising done for the level background and been re working to environment art in order to fit it into the game. Our fish is swimming and looking good:) so I think I might stick with this animation and start putting costumes on him next week :).


The other project I'll call, "Project 2" (it has a name but shh) is starting to look good, I've been doing a lot of 3d modelling for an asset, won't say too much but I'm calling it "the Gaia ladder" so yeah might post a screen shot of it once that is done;)

Other than that plane tickets are bought for RTXAus and I'll keep plodding on with SSM and Project 2.



Entry #2 - Upcoming conventions and fish swims

Well, this week has been a lot of non-dev work going on in the studio, mostly setting up for some conventions I am super stoked to be going along to. 

I'll be heading to Mandurah (WA) to show off Arbalest 3035 at Rah-con 2015 (Oct 24).

As well as that there's freaking RTX (Sydney, January 23-24) so I'll be flying out to show off Arbs there and hopefully will have Super Salmon playable as well :),

so been setting all that up but really looking forward to those dates.

From the development side I've been work on our fish guy,  mainly fixing the swimming animation so hopefully that will be looking better than it currently is. 


Entry #1 - The kick-off

Hey all here goes the first entry in the Bear-Tooth Studio journal. I plan on using this journal to let people know what's happening in the studio and post weekly updates on the progress and screenshots of the projects I'm working on.

So here's what's happening:  currently 2 projects are underway at the moment namely Super Salmon Migration and another that is very early in development so I won't be spending too much time talking about it until more of it's put together. Super Salmon Migration on the other hand is a neat little app that I'm building with my good friends Jaymie-Rae Sargent (@jayray_dev)  and Jason Clark(@DevJasonClark), who will be taking care of UI and gameplay programming respectively. Bear-Tooth is taking care of the artwork in this project so watch this space for pictures.

Future entries I'll probably be more specific as to whats happening but for now that's roughly what's happening.