Entry #1 - The kick-off

Hey all here goes the first entry in the Bear-Tooth Studio journal. I plan on using this journal to let people know what's happening in the studio and post weekly updates on the progress and screenshots of the projects I'm working on.

So here's what's happening:  currently 2 projects are underway at the moment namely Super Salmon Migration and another that is very early in development so I won't be spending too much time talking about it until more of it's put together. Super Salmon Migration on the other hand is a neat little app that I'm building with my good friends Jaymie-Rae Sargent (@jayray_dev)  and Jason Clark(@DevJasonClark), who will be taking care of UI and gameplay programming respectively. Bear-Tooth is taking care of the artwork in this project so watch this space for pictures.

Future entries I'll probably be more specific as to whats happening but for now that's roughly what's happening.